TBL 1620/50T

Traction Drive Battery Scrubber

SKU: 916865

Our TBL 1620/50T Traction Drive Battery Scrubber is designed to deliver powerful cleaning results with maximum convenience. Equipped with one NX1K lithium phosphate battery, the battery offers reliable performance without the hassle of maintenance. With a 16-gallon capacity and a 20” cleaning path, it efficiently tackles larger spaces while maintaining a compact design. The addition of a 250-watt traction power drive in the 1620/50T model ensures smooth operation, particularly on inclines or ramps. Enjoy long run times on a single charge, and with the flexibility to charge it anytime, you’ll never be caught short at the end of a shift.

  • Advanced & safe lithium phosphate technology (LFP)
  • 250-watt traction power drive
  • Total flexibility in charging
  • Completely maintenance free battery system
  • 16-gallon solution and recovery tanks
  • Charge as often as necessary
  • Over 4,000 charge cycles - the NX1K battery is designed to outlast wet lead acid, AGM, and gel batteries.
  • 10 times longer life than traditional wet batteries, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.
  • Significant cost savings through decreased battery-related service calls and future battery replacements.
  • The battery can be charged whether it’s fully discharged or not, which lets you extend machine working hours – charge it anytime you need that extra run time at the end of a shift.
  • Fully adjustable flow rate
  • Equipped with the Nu-Assist App, providing training and support right at your fingertips.
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Battery Quantity 1
Battery Type Lithium Phosphate
Brush Pressure 90 lbs
Brush Speed 150 rpm
Charge Time Full 2 hrs
Cleaning Width 20 "
Dimensions Product Height 43.00 "
Dimensions Product Length 57.00 "
Dimensions Product Width 22.00 "
Pad or Brush Size 20 "
Recovery Tank 16 US gal
Run Time Full Charge 2 hrs
Solution Tank 16 US gal
Weight 270 lbs
Working Capacity 22000 sq.ft./hr
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NX1K LFP Battery
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