Our Vacuums

When it comes to NaceCare vacuum cleaners, you have the flexibility to either pull them along, push them effortlessly, or wear them comfortably.

When you need cleaning to be quick, quiet, and easy, our battery-powered canister vacuums, equipped with our NX300 lithium-ion battery, are the perfect solution. Designed to navigate obstacles and reach under furniture effortlessly, these cordless vacuums offer superior filtration, industry-leading noise reduction, and long-lasting battery technology, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning performance. Explore Products

For a more economical option, our electric models are the perfect choice. These vacuums ensure consistent, powerful cleaning without the need for recharging. Designed for quick, quiet, and easy operation, our electric canister vacuums effortlessly navigate obstacles and reach under furniture. They also offer superior filtration and industry-leading noise reduction, making them an efficient and cost-effective cleaning solution. Explore Products

Our battery and electric backpack vacuums are not only efficient and convenient but also compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue. Versatile with an energy-efficient motor, they are capable of cleaning any type of flooring, edges, corners and even surfaces above the floor. Explore Products

Dive into versatile cleaning capabilities with our dynamic wet/dry vacuums, seamlessly transitioning between liquid spills and dry debris with unparalleled efficiency. Have a look at our battery model, there’s no cord to trip over and it has over 2,500 charge cycles, equivalent to 10 years of cleaning, 5 days a week. Explore Products

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our cordless stick vacuum featuring a unique pod system for dust and debris collection, ensuring a mess-free, hygienic process. Equipped with two lithium-ion batteries boasting 1,500 charge cycles each (equivalent to 6 years of cleaning, 5 days a week), this vacuum offers effortless maneuverability and powerful suction for quick, efficient cleaning. Explore Products

Explore our industrial vacuums, designed to tackle the toughest messes with advanced filtration technology. Perfect for recovering fine dust, our certified HEPA models also efficiently capture asbestos and other hazardous particles. Built for demanding environments, these vacuums ensure a clean and safe work area, making them ideal for industries requiring strict dust control and safety compliance. Explore Products

Memberships and Certifications

Our products are recognized and certified by respected industry associations.