NVM – 4BH Vacuum Bags

For vacuums with a capacity of 12 gallons, 900 series vacuums, including NDD 900 and 900H

SKU: 604019

Step into a new era of pristine cleaning with the HEPA-FLO Filter Bag – your key to a dust-free, mess-free environment! Engineered with an innovative self-seal tab, triple-layer filtration, and a performance-maximizing design, it’s the ultimate solution for a top-notch cleaning experience. Not only does it transform your cleaning routine by achieving the perfect fit, maximizing capacity (allowing it to pack in a substantial amount of dust and debris before requiring replacement), increasing filtration, enhancing airflow, and offering easy and clean emptying, but it also extends the life of your machine.

Elevate your cleaning game with the HEPA-FLO Filter Bag – where innovation meets efficiency!

  • Each box includes a set of 10 individual bags, conveniently grouped into one package
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