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TP4X Mister


  • TP4X Mister

Professional Disinfectant AND Great Value

Portable and lightweight, making it ideal for almost every industry.

Key Features

Provides a versatile, quick and even application of disinfectant. Misting is the most efficient and productive way to sanitize and disinfect both large areas and hard to reach places. Equipped with a 4 -gallon tank, 17' solution hose and a spray nozzle with two different size tips to accommodate different dwell times. A 33' cord, optional 16" extension wand and transport cart, make this unit perfect for almost every industry. This efficient machine can be used with almost every disinfectant. An optional vacuum/solution hose and hand tool turns this mister into an extractor, making it a versatile and economical piece of equipment. Watch the video:


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