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  • NX300 Battery

NX300 Pro Battery

The new NX300 Pro Battery is the next generation in battery performance.
Achieve peak productivity for an unbelievable amount of cycles - saving you time & money.
60% increase in available energy achieved through extensive research & development of a new 30 cell battery design

Key Features

  • 1 Hour* Fast Charge
    Recharged to 80% in just an hour and ready to go for every product in the NX300 range
  • Longevity
    Made for the long haul, the NX300 won't let you down. Engineered and tested for longevity in commercial environments.
    Delivering over 2500 charge cycles (10 years of daily use).
  • Runtime
    Each product in the NX300 range is engineered to optimize the NX energy storage to provide the right balance of runtime and power for every cleaning task
  • One Fits All Productivity
    The convenience, safety and power of Pro Battery plus reduced costs and lower maintenance by utilizing a single battery and charger system.
  • Ease of Use
    Easy-reach carry handle and
    quick-release button for fuss-free battery change and charging.

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