JS 1600C

Power Steamer

SKU: 8025134

You can ease the minds of your customers with chemical-free sanitizing when using our JS 1600C Power Steamer. The JS 1600C Power Steamer is a super-heated (338º F) dry steam cleaning machine that vaporizes and kills bacteria from all types of surfaces and equipment. It also dissolves and emulsifies grease, mold, and grime build-up, leaving the area completely clean and sanitized. It can be used as a complete solution for hygiene throughout the facility. It’s also ideal for sanitizing kitchens, upholstery hotel beds, ambulances, wheelchairs, patient areas, and the tiles and grout in bathrooms and showers. You can also effectively clean floors with the optional “steam mop” and 33’ hose. A cart is available as an option.

  • 4 Quart reservoir size
  • 1.25 Quart boiler size
  • Superior 62 dB(A) ratinbg
  • 1500 Watts of heating power
  • Operator safety is assured by the 2-Volt steam controls, pressure switch, thermostat, high-limit thermal shutoff and pressure relief valve.
  • The tank can be filled while the unit is running, allowing for continuous use.
  • Excellent on grouted floors, showers, kitchens and any area where detailed cleaning is a challenge.
  • Very effective in all food preparation and processing areas, including stainless steel range hoods in kitchens.
  • Ideal for hotel rooms - spot draperies, bedspreads, and carpets and even kill bed bugs and their eggs on mattresses.
  • Clean floors with the optional ""steam mop"" and 33' hose
  • The continuous flow system provides the necessary steam to remove dirt and built-up soil while leaving your floors virtually dry.
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Boiler Capacity 1 US gal
Dimensions Package Height 16.00 "
Dimensions Package Length 20.00 "
Dimensions Package Width 12.00 "
Pallet Hi 4 Hi
Pallet Ti 7 Ti
Steam Pressure 115 psi
Steam Temperature 338 ° F
Water Resevoir 1 US gal
Weight 12 lbs
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