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  • Automatic Floor Scrubbers
  • Battery

The TTV 5565 is the next generation in walk behind auto-scrubbers. Offering a choice between 22" to 26" scrub widths, all without tools, there simply isn’t a more advanced scrubber on the market today.

Key Features

  • Two sizes in one machine without the need for tools
  • 22 gallon tanks provide the capacity needed for large jobs
  • Traction drive motor moves them at speeds up to 4.3 mph
  • Fully adjustable flow rate from 0.25 gpm to 1 gpm ensures correct amount of water is used
  • Onboard chemical dispensing system allows for 32:1, 64:1, 96:1 and 128:1, guaranteeing proper chemical usage
  • Patented pop-on/pop-off brushes and pad drivers, adjustable brush pressure and speed
  • LED control panel continuously provides operator with chemical, vacuum, water flow, brush pressure and battery status
  • Tear-away squeegees equipped with quick-release squeegee blades for easy cleaning
  • Maintenance-free gel batteries provide over 3.5 hours of run time
  • Onboard chargers permit charging anywhere while low-voltage shutoff prolongs battery life
  • The gel batteries emit 1/40 of the hydrogen gas of wet lead acid batteries, are spillproof and can be charged anywhere The safest, most dependable and longest-life batteries on the market

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