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TP4XB Mister- Battery


  • TP4X Mister

Professional Disinfectant AND Great Value

Portable and lightweight, making it ideal for almost every industry.

Key Features

Provides a versatile, quick and even application of disinfectant. Misting is the most efficient and productive way to sanitize and disinfect both large areas and hard to reach places. This model is powered by 2 x 12 V batteries. Equipped with a 4 -gallon tank, 17' solution hose and a spray nozzle with two different size tips to accommodate different dwell times.
This model includes a metal transport cart, making this unit perfect for almost every industry.
This efficient machine can be used with almost every disinfectant. An optional vacuum/solution hose and hand tool turns this mister into an extractor, making it a versatile and economical piece of equipment. Watch the video:


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