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Pro Cordless Canister Vacuum

Equipped with our new NX300 36V Battery Technology and 350W digital brushless motor, the NBV 290NX is engineered to deliver our most powerful cordless cleaning yet.

Key Features

Cordless Freedom
Market-leading 90 minutes of consistent and powerful cleaning performance.
Powerful Cleaning
50% increase in airflow and suction with new, high performance 350W digital brushless motor.
NX300 Network
Bringing the convenience and performance of professional cordless cleaning across our growing battery range.
Safer Cleaning
Going cordless minimizes the risk of slips, trips and falls. Ideal for day cleaning and public areas with high footfall.
Incredible Battery Lifecycle
NX300 Li-ion Battery with greater than 2500 cycles. The equivalent of 10 years of daily use!
Ease of Transport
The large real wheels provide stability and ease of transport on stairways, a telescopic pull handle for convenience and lift-off storage caddy for extra storage.


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